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Our vision is to stand in the position of the best cattery of Munchkin Kittens here in the state. Thereby only providing quality, good and healthy kittens for new families.


We aspire to become who we are and what we stand for. which is making families proud and happy. Our colored Munchkin Kittens will give you and your family happiness beyond your imagination.


We belief our value will depend on the satisfaction of many families who visit our website and adopt kittens from us. It will not only end from adopting, but we shall become more valuable if these kittens serve their purpose to your family as pets..

We are committed in raising

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Munchkin Kittens That suits you and your family

Perfect Munchkin Cattery is a small family owned cattery located in Oklahoma, specializing in Munchkin Kittens. Our King and Queens come from excellent bloodlines and are treated like royalty. Our kittens are part of our family and are well socialized by lots of human contact. All of our kittens are seen by a vet, have all their age appropriate vaccinations, litter trained, altered and ready for a loving home. New litters will be announced on this sit or you can sign up below to be notified. Also check on available page to view kittens ready for new home now.

In early 2011, my husband, Jeff, and I decided that we wanted to breed and raise Munchkin Kittens. We both loved the look and personality traits of the breed, so we bought our first pair of Munchkin Kittens from China. 4 females and 1 male. We await the arrival and we received them safely.

Both of us work from home, so this allows us to spend a great deal of time with the cats and kittens. I predominantly handle the kittens in the first 8 weeks as well as the administrative side of the cattery business. Jeff takes the lead from 9-14 weeks and is known as the cat whisperer by our family. At any given time, Jeff will have 4+ cats/kittens on his lap in his recliner.

Our cats live with us in our home. Kittens, after 7-8 weeks, have to run around the house. We want our cats to be very social and love to be with people. Our cats are snuggles and very social. Our primary goal is to raise healthy, happy and loving cats. Because we are a small, home-based cattery, we typically have no more than 5 litters per year. This allows us the time to get to know each kitten and share with their new families. Raising Munchkin kittens gives us such a joy and we love sharing that experience with others.

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